About Delectable Edibles

This unique concept online store brings you gourmet gifts and supplies. Delectable Edibles’ Happy Sacks contain a celebration of Western Australian, small batch, handmade yumminess. The jams, preserves, and gourmet gifts are carefully chosen using show-judging criteria and are standouts in their field. The Collections include Award Winners, Judges Choice, Traditional, Gluten Free, Vegetarian and more. To start your own Happy Sack selection go to the Gifts Range menu.

To assist the experienced and budding preserver, the Delectables team have hard-to-get supplies of commercial-grade jars, bottles, and replacement lids ready to help you on your journey in the gentle art of conserves and preserves. To get you started, go to Supplies on the menu bar.

Our Environmental Commitment

The Delectable Edibles team are dedicated to their ethos of ‘Reduce, Renew, Rethink’. With this in mind, the team have developed the Happy Sack that we believe revolutionizes gift hamper and basket giving. Delectable Edibles have not only consciously reduced the footprint of our gifts by sourcing local products but also by reducing landfill in the way traditional hampers have been presented. Following on from this, we have considered the logistics of getting the Happy Sacks to our customers in the most efficient way. Furthermore, we have given considerable thought into the manufacture of the Happy Sacks themselves.

Our Master Condiment manufacturers have been handpicked not only because they meet Delectable Edibles’ stringent criteria but also because they pledge to use local produce where at all possible. This reduces the environmental impact associated with the great distances produce can travel prior to production.

The Happy Sacks themselves are 100% reusable and are made out of off-cuts from the curtain, canvas and upholstery manufacturing industry and also renewable Jute.

The majority of our gifts are in 100% recyclable glassware. Also, 100% of our own glassware range is made from recyclable glass. Delectable Edibles sell replacement lids for all the glassware in the gifts. We actively encourage the reuse of glassware in the home without the expense and environmental impact of recycling through local authorities. 

When it comes to packaging for presentation and transport, we do not bulk up our Happy Sacks with fillers, either wrapping or products. Delectable Edibles are always looking at ways to minimise transit packaging, being mindful of balancing this with avoiding damage to the gifts. Delectable Edibles only use packaging that is 100% recyclable, or has been recycled by us. Our mailing boxes are plain unprinted cardboard and when necessary, we use 100% recycled brown paper to wrap items, or recycled wrapping from textiles that was otherwise destined for landfill.  

Our deliveries are by Australia Post, where we deliver the gifts in bulk three times a week to their distribution points. 


Delectable Edibles Team...

Delectable Edibles Team consist of Royal Show judges with many years of experience in the culinary fields. Manager, Yvonne and her family live on a small farm in the Hills of Perth and share a strong interest in self sufficiency and home preserving techniques.  Yvonne works in the textiles trade and has a strong desire to reuse fabric offcuts whenever available. Yvonne is highly motivated by the Reduce Reuse Recycle belief and the Happy Sack bags are made by her, or outsourced to local community members who we employ to keep everything 100% WA locally made.