Meet the Masters

    Ooh La La Preserves

Anne, condiment maker extraordinaire, can’t remember when she made her first preserves. Shifting to Perth from France, she missed the selection of quality, handmade products, and so she started making her own. oohlala preserves has evolved to become one of the most highly awarded, truly innovative, micro manufacturers in the country. 

   Persian Pantry

Arad describes making his favourite Persian delicacies as being similar to meditation. When he first reached our shores he went on a mission to find quality Persian goodies and came up empty-handed. As a result, he recently started on the journey to setting up the Persian Pantry. This fledgling enterprise is represented many times in Delectable Edibles Collections.

  Sail-A-Way Jams

This hard to find product, by Forrest, was a surprise multi-award winner at the 2018 Royal Show, taking out the Most Successful Exhibitor title. Manufactured in rural Southern Western Australia, Sail-A-Way Jams are an expression of many decades of honing skills and a desire to continually produce high-quality products. The depth of knowledge of traditional methods of preserving shine through in all the products in the Delectable Edible Award Winners Collection.

     Billy’s Bounty

Combine a talented chef with a lover of fine foods and you have the exciting team of Billy’s Bounty. Multi-award winners in their first year, the owners have a passion for flavours and textures from around the world. Combine this with a keen interest in different, and often difficult, preserving techniques and it is no surprise they appear in Delectable Edibles Collections.

  Golden Whisk

Lucy’s passion for, and focus on, boutique confectionery shines through in the breadth and depth of the array of goods. From the choice of ingredients right through to the closely guarded manufacturing techniques, Golden Whisk excel at their craft. The business has grown from a single line of fudge products to now presenting a sophisticated take on a broad range of modern sweetmeats that are in Delectable Edibles Collections.

  Gran and Pops

Lana and her husband are the 2nd generation to work in this multi-award winning business. The understanding of how ingredients work together is very clearly based on a lifetime of harvesting and preserving fruit and vegetables. Started by her parents, Gran and Pops have gone from strength to strength as they continue to produce quality, traditional preserves. Their jams are a real highlight in the industry and are represented heavily in the Delectable Edibles Collections.

  Fire.Works & Smokes

Tristan’s life is intertwined with the manufacture of this unique range that has taken much experimentation, blood, sweat, and tears – but what a result! Finding new and challenging product lines is no easy task and and smoke have developed a stunning, original tweak on a very old theme. They are to be congratulated on having the courage and determination to bring their dreams to fruition and are featured in several Delectable Edibles Collections.

  D.Jays Gourmet

Starting off as a husband and wife hobby/micro business, Derek and Jo’s Gourmet products hark back to the couple’s childhood memories and the traditional flavours they enjoyed in their homeland of South Africa. The company’s biltong and jerky have a depth and breadth that highlights the skills involved in delicately balancing spices, herbs, and bite. Find these throughout Delectable Edibles Collections.


If your Western Australian business has products (small batch, handmade, local ingredients - where possible - and at least a 6 month shelf life) that you would like to be considered for inclusion in one of Delectable Edibles’ Happy Sack Collections, please send samples to our postal address (see bottom of this page). Award-winning products are usually taken on merit, having already been judged by experts in their field. Other products are considered for inclusion after blind testing and passing a rigorous screening process to Perth Royal Show standards. Please note that Delectable Edibles have their own unique yumminess scale for their Collections based on colour, texture, and palate.